As an author you can change the world!

Bringing inspiration, knowledge, direction, relief and so much more to an audience right across the globe. You can impact the lives of people you've never met or spoken to by writing and publishing your best work.

Your books can enable you to build a business around your words. To provide coaching, courses and to speak to audiences about your topic and the unique value you bring to it.

But none of this is possible without an author platform. If you haven't built an audience, your books will go unsold and your words unread.

That's where we want to help - giving you the best platform, tools and strategy so that your words can reach as many people as possible.

We help authors, like you, build your platform through engaging web design and marketing strategy, which will sell more books, products and services.

Are you a new author looking to start building your email list?

Or an author looking for a strategy for a successful book launch for your next bestseller?

Or maybe a bestselling author looking to focus your marketing for maximum results so you can concentrate on your writing?

For the last twenty years we've been building and optimising websites that have processed millions of pounds in sales. Whatever your starting point, we'll be able to create an online marketing strategy to help you reach your goals.

Who We Are


Robert Peters


Robert started helping business owners get the most from online marketing in 1996, and has been a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and authors ever since. He'll cut through the hundreds of marketing options to define a focused strategy that will help your marketing succeed. When not creating marketing campaigns, Robert is an avid reader and cricket fan.


Ruth Jarvis

Project Co-ordinator

Ruth's legal background gives her an eye for detail. She coordinates our projects and customer communication, ensuring you know the status, next steps and anything we're waiting for to ensure your projects and campaigns are on track. When not working on WordPress websites and email marketing campaigns, Ruth is a busy Mum and tries to find time to relax!

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